Sunday, January 25, 2009

Don't Judge A Book By It's Cover

is what I learned at the cat show this weekend....In the picture below is a Sphynx(cat). Most would consider this an ugly cat, however I have to say that I fell in love! He was so sweet and his owner talked about how very lovely he is and I would have to agree! I did some research on these cats and found out they originated in Canada. Sphynxes are know for their personality.. they are extroverts, intelligent, curious and affectionate. I pet him and he felt like soft leather, quite nice actually. I really want one... I'm not sure I can talk Jeff into it though. Three pretty persians. The one in the middle one first place in one of the persian categories.
This guy was a hoot. He of course was one of the judges and he was very funny.
I can not do a post about cats and not include mine! This is how I found them today! All lovin on each other.
Close up of the lovin!


lindsey said...

they are precious!

opalmoonlight said...

i wonder if i would be allergic to a hairless cat. that one is really cute!

T.Allen-Mercado said...

Isn't the sphynx an amazing looking breed? I just love them! The cat show looks like so much fun. (Wonders why I haven't thought of attending one before.)

Your two lovelies look delightful and cozy...I could look at cats all day. *swoon*