Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Introducing Kai Barrymore Smith

We broke down and got a puppy, but not just any puppy she is absolutely amazing. Her name is Kai pronounced Kye and her middle name is Barrymore after Drew Barrymore.
She is a GREAT DANE. Currently weighing 20 pounds at 11 weeks. She is blue and her coat is beautiful and so soft. The cats are adjusting pretty good. They weren't sure at first but I think in no time they will be the best of buds. She will be travelling this weekend to meet her older brother Noam at my parent's house.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Here are a few snapshots of our vacation to California. We had a great time. This was my first trip to Cali. Jeff was born there and most of his extended family is there. I have a lot of pictures of Jeff in the water. I swear he was like a little boy, he would stay in the ocean all day.

This photo cracks me up. He pursed his lips out! ha! Ok so I will never be able to go back to California without renting a convertible. Yes, that was our ride for the week. I am so in love with that car.
The trip was very relaxing. We got to spend lots of time with Jeff's family. We also went down to San Diego for a night to see my friend Jeanne, who is an amazing glass artist and extraordinary Christian. Check out her stuff.
Hope you enjoy the pictures!