Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Here are a few snapshots of our vacation to California. We had a great time. This was my first trip to Cali. Jeff was born there and most of his extended family is there. I have a lot of pictures of Jeff in the water. I swear he was like a little boy, he would stay in the ocean all day.

This photo cracks me up. He pursed his lips out! ha! Ok so I will never be able to go back to California without renting a convertible. Yes, that was our ride for the week. I am so in love with that car.
The trip was very relaxing. We got to spend lots of time with Jeff's family. We also went down to San Diego for a night to see my friend Jeanne, who is an amazing glass artist and extraordinary Christian. Check out her stuff.
Hope you enjoy the pictures!

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Chad and Allison Nicholson said...

You guys are so cute! Is that a shark in the water next to Jeff??? yikes!