Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Dream Center

This weekend our church launched it's DREAM CENTER. It was such an exciting day. Our church purchased two buildings in one of the lower socio-economic parts of town. One is for a health clinic called Christ Health Center and the other for an Outreach Center. The health clinic will have doctor care, nursing care, dentistry and counseling. Everyone may use the health clinic even those without insurance. The outreach center will be a hub for church members to come to be tutors, mentors and community volunteers.

For the launch we had a huge yard sale, all kinds of activities for the kids, a health fair, free shoes, and lots of great food. Our pastor is from Louisiana and loves to make jambalaya for the church. Let's just say there was a lot of jambalaya. Ew Wee!!! It was delicious!
Jeff and I working the health fair. I was in charge of the mental health table.
Jeff, Bill, Jason and Eiken. Not only was the dream center day a day for celebration but also a day of service. These guys spent their morning painting the high school in the neighborhood.

We had roughly 1500 people come out for the event.

An organization called Soles for Souls came out and gave away free shoes. These shoes were all brand new and not on the cheap side either. Most of the boxes I saw walk by were Columbias and Timberlands. It was reported that 2000 pairs of shoes were given out!!!!!!
We had a great day serving. Pray that the Dream Center will be a place where dreams will come true!


lindsey said...

wow. what a beautiful sight.

Chad and Allison Nicholson said...

Sharon, that is so awesome!